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West Virginia Pushes Will Grier’s Heisman Campaign With WILLtoPrepare Video

The Grier7Heisman campaign ramps up with the newest video

The second in a seven-part series on Heisman candidate Will Grier

Check out the latest video for the West Virginia Mountaineers as they go with a Bob Huggins #PressVirginia style full-court press for Heisman candidate Will Grier. The second video in a seven-part series, because Will wears #7, focuses on the “will to prepare”.

Dana Holgorsen mentions that Will has been preparing for this moment in his life since he was six years old; growing up as a coaches kid has given Will the drive to spend long hours perfecting his craft and maturing.

Strength coach Mike Joseph mentions how Grier sacrifices his time and his body to make sure he is doing what it takes to get physically and mentally stronger. Will spends long hours in the weight room doing all of the necessary stretches and lifts to put himself in peak physical condition.

Offensive coordinator Jake Spavital mentions how Grier spends long hours preparing for the games ahead; Grier knows how to make all the throws and knows what to expect from all of the defenses.

Watch the video and get ready for next week when the next video will drop.