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Top Ten WVU Football Plays From 2017: 5-1

Here are the top five plays that defined the 2017 season.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

While we wait for the summer to roll on through and the air to go from hot and humid to cool and crisp, indicating another season of West Virginia Mountaineers football is upon us, let us look back on some of top plays that helped define the 2017 season.

Don’t forget you can look back on previous version if you need to scratch that itch for highlight plays from the Mountaineers.

5. Kenny Robinson Nearly Brings The Mountaineers Back

This game looked bleaked for a while but this sequence, in which the Mountaineers blocked an Oklahoma State Cowboys punt for a touchdown, then freshman safety Kenny Robinson picked off Mason Rudolph for a touchdown looked like it turned the tide. Unfortunately the Mountaineers wouldn’t do much else in the game but this interception showed a glimpse of how good Robinson can be for WVU.

4. Will Grier Hurdles VT Defender

Video Credit: Mike Casazza

If you needed to know how athletic Will Grier really this, this play from the opening game against the Virginia Tech Hokies showed that Grier was much more than a pocket passer. Grier has just enough quicks to be dangerous in the open field and enough athleticism that if you half-ass the tackle, he’ll make you look foolish.

3. Ka’Raun White Hail Mary Touchdown

This play was one of those where you couldn’t believe a team as well coached as the Kansas State Wildcats would allow something like this. Yet, at the end of the half, Will Grier evades several pass rushers, throws across his body to wide open Ka’Raun White for a touchdown that appeared to break the Wildcats back. I also want to point out the interception by Ezekiel Rose which stopped a KSU drive (after a Crawford fumble) and gave the Mountaineers one more chance.

2. David Sills Tiptoe Grab Against KSU

This play displayed everything special about David Sills: The body control, the hands, the footwork, the focus, the determination. Sills makes a spectacular play where he twists his body around, drags a foot, lay out sacrificing his body and maintains full possession throughout the catch process.

1. Will Grier’s Finger

Sorry to do this to you fam but this was the single most defining play of the 2017 season. Grier doesn’t get injured, we likely beat Texas. Grier stays healthy and we’re not playing Utah in the I-dont-want-to-be-here-bowl-where-nobody-is-watching and maybe we win that game. This injury likely cost the Mountaineers two victories. A 9 win season feels a lot different than a 7 win season, especially when you lose the last three in completely disheartening fashion.