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Ranking Big 12 Teams By Pixar Movies

Incredibles 2 released earlier this month, so let’s do the logical thing and rank all the Big 12 teams by their Pixar-appropriate movie!

West Virginia v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Kansas Jayhawks - A Bug’s Life

The film involves a misfit ant named Flik that is looking for “tough warriors” to save his colony from greedy grasshoppers, only to recruit a group of bugs that turn out to be an inept circus troupe.

I don’t think I need to say anything else about Kansas football. That seems appropriate.

Iowa State Cyclones - The Good Dinosaur

A movie with an alternate timeline where the asteroid that killed all dinosaurs (except alligators!) misses the earth and dinos continue to live and evolve. Given that Iowa State made a rational hire, became bowl eligible for the first time in 5 years and the 13th time in program history in 2017, it must have involved an alternate timeline.

Texas Tech Red Raiders - Coco

It’s flashy without much substance, much like the Red Raiders. High octane offense, very little defense even if they did find some last season. Ryan Gosling masquerading as a head coach in Kliff Kingsbury will likely be forgotten in the annals of TTU history after his eventual firing this season.

Kansas State Wildcats - Up

A cantankerous old man. Am I talking about the movie or Bill Snyder? Everyone ranks Up as one of the sadder opening sequences in film history yet I fully submit the man got to live his life out with his true love. The same will be true of Bill Snyder, he lived his life to the fullest and made KSU relevant. That’s a damn good story.

Texas Longhorns - Toy Story

Toy Story is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, Pixar movies but given its age, it is starting to slip in the rankings. The animation is clunky and looking back it was viewed as great because of how revolutionary it was. Texas is similar in that the proud university is currently a shell of what it was at its height. Can it get back to glory or will it forever be remembered as a “once-great”?

Oklahoma State Cowboys - Toy Story 2

Not as great as the original but it has moments of very good. It tries desperately to get out of the shadow of its predecessor and at times seems to be able to stand on its own but is rarely thought of as an all-time classic.

Then there’s Toy Story 2.

TCU Horned Frogs - Wall-E

For a movie that the first spoken dialogue doesn’t occur until nearly 40 minutes in to work as well and as wonderfully as Wall-E did, evoking the type of emotion that Titantic did in teenage girls in the 90s is remarkable, similar to the job that Gary Patterson has done at TCU. Despite being the fourth option for many higher profile recruits, TCU has put itself on the map with the move to the Big 12.

Baylor Bears - Cars 2

It features a lot of racings which should be exciting but it also features spies, England, and alternate fuel. The movie was the first Pixar movie to fall out of the “ZOMG BEST MOVIE EVER” discussions and should be forgotten about. Matt Rhule has a long climb ahead of him if he plans to pull Baylor out of the tirefire that Art Briles created and left.

West Virginia Mountaineers - Inside Out

Need I say more?

Oklahoma Sooners - Toy Story 3

This is the best Pixar movie and its not close. If the Godfather 2 is considered the greatest sequel (and better than the original) then Toy Story 3 is in the same boat. The garbage incinerator scene makes me tear up every time just like I cry in the fetal position when we have to play the Sooners.