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What Would You Give For A West Virginia National Championship?

If I gave you six choices, a national championship or many different options that could lead to a natty, what would you choose?

The ADT Trophy

I like to scour the internet for new and interesting things. As I do travel the internet, things that make me think and ponder are always my favorite. Sometimes that comes from you the fans, like the previous “Will Grier Wins the Heisman or WVU Wins the Big 12”.

To be honest, y’all surprised me. A conference title was that important where as I argued more for the hardware. Proof I don’t know everything, despite what I tell my wife. Along my travels of the internet, I came across an interesting photo, you get one choice out of six: Win a National Championship this year but you have to wait at least 50 more years for the next OR a host of options. I know 90% of you are going to take that natty and run, but let me make an argument that it might be better for something else.


Which Would You Choose For WVU Football?

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  • 53%
    Win A National Championship in 2018, but won’t win again until at least 2068 (likely longer)
    (522 votes)
  • 4%
    New Head Coach
    (39 votes)
  • 16%
    Will Grier Wins The Heisman
    (158 votes)
  • 11%
    Season Tickets For Life
    (112 votes)
  • 1%
    Put On Pads and Play For WVU (1 Game)
    (15 votes)
  • 12%
    The #1 prospect for the next two years
    (122 votes)
968 votes total Vote Now

The National Championship

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this one. To be honest, I would likely pick this option, to see the West Virginia Mountaineers write their names in the annals of college football history as the best football team for 2018. It is what every Mountaineer fan dreams of. Since 1988, we as a collective fan base have been waiting for this.

My only argument is 50 years is a long (bleep) time. This question is better for a blue-blood like Texas or Oklahoma or Nebraska. For us, one may be enough. We’re no longer the “best of the rest”. No longer can other teams hold that over our heads. Still, would we go back to being a 7-5 regular season program? Would one national championship be worth it to be a .590 program for the next 50 years? I’ll let you tell me it’s ok but the other options could change that option.

A New Head Coach

For some of you, this may be your choice and if it is, I can’t blame you. Dana Holgorsen was brought here to guide us through the Big 12 and make us a contender. We’ve “contended” for the Big 12 title as late as mid-November but we’ve never been in the fight at the end. Could a new head coach do what no other could, elevate the program to the next level?

The big question is, who will come to WVU? The first option is Nick Saban but be honest with yourself, Saban isn’t leave Alabama to come to WVU even if we offer him the entire state and 30 million a year.

The next option would be Urban Meyer but see the argument for Saban.

If you asked me my short list of coaches would be: Jimbo Fisher, Lane Kiffin, Dabo Sweeney, Chip Kelly, Gary Patterson and Mike Gundy. If you can convince one of those six to come to Morgantown, I think you see the Mountaineers grow to an annual 9-10 win team with years where you win the conference and compete for a national title.

Will Grier Wins the Heisman

We’ve talked about this and I still think this has a chance to make big waves for WVU. Dan Mozes remains the only Mountaineer to win legit national hardware. Tavon won the Hornung Award but its not a nationally recognized award. Even with the Rimington Award, the Heisman holds prestige. Winning something of the magnitude of the Heisman would not only validate Will Grier to those talking heads who seem to think he isn’t one of the best quarterbacks, it would likely mean the team is playing for a conference championship this season. Playing for a championship could lead to playoffs and who knows what happens in that four-team race. The Heisman could increase recruiting and could lead to more/better recruits coming to Morgantown.

Season Tickets For Life

Some people are content to let the seasons play out as they will and watch the show. Maybe you want to sit in the stands 6-7 times a year in Morgantown, singing Country Roads when we win, enjoying the atmosphere and reveling in all that is Mountaineer football. You can pass those tickets on to your kids and your grandkids. You can watch the players come and go but you’ll always be there.

Maybe this is your ticket to money, so to speak. Having season tickets for life would allow you to see games and sell the tickets. Maybe it gets you access to where you never thought you would. It is a hefty investment to become a season ticket holder so now you can do that without that sizable donation.

Play For the Mountaineers in One Game

For some of us, we just weren’t good enough to wear the old gold and blue. You wonder what it would be like to put on that uniform, run through the tunnel and hear 60,000 fans cheering you on as you make a touchdown catch or tackle a ball carrier. Your name will forever be a part of Mountaineer history because you will have actually played in a game.

#1 Prospects in 2019 and 2020

Here is the option that makes me stop and pause. Winning a national championship is the dream but do I really want to have to wait 50 years to pursue that option again, if ever? I’m a big fan of not doing a one-and-done but doing something that allows you to improve your overall quality. Getting the #1 prospect would certainly qualify.

The 2019 #1 prospect according to 247 is 6-6 240 pound defensive end Zach Harrison.

According to Rivals it is cornerback Derek Stingley Jr and ESPN has defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux as their #1. Adding any of those players to the 2019 class would not only elevate the class ranking, what it could do to the defense is unfathomable.

2020 both Rivals and 247 have Brian Bresee as their #1 prospect. Can you imagine Tony Gibson taking Dante Stills and pairing him with elite defensive end prospects? Add in Kenny Robinson and Kwantel Raines on the back end and you’ve got the type of defense that can change games.

I fully believe talent begets talent. When players like Harrison or Bresee choose the Mountaineers, they signal to other players that the Mountaineers should be considered. Would other top talent choose to look at the Mountaineers. If they see the Mountaineers start winning would our recruiting ranks rise? Could we start working towards a long term goal of being very good?

I’m sure most of you will choose the natty and that’s ok but think long and hard about these choices and just how much you would be giving up. Are you ok with being 7-5 for the next 50 years for that one elusive goal or do you want to try for long term success with no guarantee?