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SKYSHIELD3: Skyler Howard leads Obic Seagulls to huge win over Fujitsu Frontiers

Howard had another strong showing in Glorious Nippon

Hiroshi Ikezawa | The Japan Times

If, for some reason, you didn’t catch our introduction to SKYSHIELD3, Skyler Howard has found a new home in Japan and is continuing his football career in the X-League. Howard led the Obic Seagulls to a 59-0 win over the Meiji Yasuda Penta Ocean Pirates earlier this month to open the group stage of the Pearl Bowl tournament.

Howard was back in action on Sunday, as the Seagulls took on the rival Fujitsu Frontiers - the best team in Japan for each of the last five seasons - in Fujitsu Stadium in Kawasaki. Howard set the Seagulls up to draw first blood on the third play of the game by hitting Taro Mizuno for a 55-yard gain. Running back Taku Ri followed that up with touchdown from 14-yards out to put Obic up 7-0.

Howard struck again in the second quarter with another long bomb, this one going to Noriaki Kinoshita for a 53-yard touchdown. Skyler added his second touchdown pass of the day with a 25-yarder to Takahiro Nozaki as the first half came to a close.

Howard finished the day 12-of-20 passing for 240 yards, and added 36 yards on the ground on 7 carries.

The Seagulls went on to win 21-6, and will now advance to the Pearl Bowl semi-final. They’ll take on the Lixil Deers on June 10th for a spot in the Pearl Bowl championship game.