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Calling All Mountaineers: We’re Looking For A Few Diehard Fans For A Special Project

Do you have an impressive memorabilia collection? Is your office at work decked out in Mountaineer gear? If so, we need you.

NCAA Football: Youngstown State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports


We’ve been presented with a special opportunity to help out with a pretty big project, and it’s time for y’all to shine.

Do you live in Morgantown or the surrounding area? Is your living room/man cave decorated from floor to ceiling with West Virginia gear? Does your office at work look like Mountaineer World exploded and covered everything in Old Gold and Blue? Does West Virginia University mean absolutely everything to you? Do you want to get in front of a camera and talk about what the Mountaineers mean to you and the entire state of West Virginia?

If it sounds like I’m describing you, or someone you know, you shouldn’t pass up this opportunity. I can’t put all the details out for the general public, but I promise you this is something big.

If you want to be a part of this project, and will be available next Tuesday and Wednesday (February 27th and 28th), follow the link below to put your name on the list.