Big 12 Guilty of Racketeering?

I believe I was an eyewitness to a serious crime.

I've included three links below. One is a story about how the PAC 12 referees are guilty of colluding. The second is a link that will help you make a request for records. The third link explains what I think the Big12 is guilty of...racketeering. I am not a lawyer. I am relying on the websites I have listed and my own eyes to interpret the information that is available.

If someone has time and has done it before, I would really like to encourage someone in the know to make a request for records of communications between the Big12 and the referees at the OU game. I am going to follow the links and see if I can make a request myself. I've never done this before so I don't even know if I can.

The missed targeting call is more than just a bad call. It is a failure to promote player safety and everything that transpired must be examined thoroughly.

I am really angry about this situation for several reasons.

1. Safety and the well being of the student-athletes must be the first concern. When you do not apply the rules of the game correctly, you encourage institutions and student-athletes to play dirty. Playing dirty means more injuries. When the refs cannot call a game fairly, it creates confusion, it turns fans off from the sport, and it can lead to a game getting out of hand. If refs throw too many flags, players will start committing infractions on every play because if you are going to get flagged on every play, you might as well make it count or players are thrown so far off their game, it becomes difficult to focus because it's like you have to relearn how to play. If you throw too few, then you are encouraging teams to cheat, especially on the last play of the game because if your whistle has been silent, you can't warm it up for the last play of the game. It's a delicate balance and the Big 12 refs have shown they are completely incompetent. I don't know about you all, but it makes me so sick, I don't look forward to the games anymore. I watch. But I don't look forward to them anymore.

2. Simms was removed from the game because WVU followed the rules. OU's defender did not follow the rules and he was not taken off the field. Simms should, at the very least, get an apology from the Big12.

3. This is a potential RICO case if OU and the Big12 are guilty of colluding. With all of the corruption in college sports right now (Google PAC 12 Refs), you can't look at this targeting call in this game and think that there isn't something fishy going on. The reason I believe it could be a RICO case is outlined in the third link I have included below. The third link describes how an organization could be guilty of racketeering with respect to a sporting event (18 U.S. Code § 224 - Bribery in sporting contests). Again, I am no lawyer so if I am interpreting this incorrectly, please correct me and I apologize for any possible error.

4. I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure that the hit was not replayed on the big screen at the game. I was there. I don't remember seeing a replay. But, I was also drunk. Part of the reason I do not believe that it was shown on the big screen at the game, is that I think fans would have went bonkers if we had been able to see that replay. I read through the Big 12 handbook { I didn't see anything specifically relating to nasty injuries being replayed at the stadium. However, I assume there must be a rule about this somewhere. On page 43 of the handbook, under section 12.2.3, you can see how and why the injury may not have been played on the big may have caused a situation where OU fans and referees would have been in danger if the play had been replayed on the screen.

I want to make it very clear that I am not upset, butt-hurt, or being pissy about a loss. As a former D1 athlete and WVU fan, I am deeply concerned about player safety and the fact that a crime may have been committed that may be very similar to what happened in the PAC 12. If someone was at the game and saw that there was a replay of the injury on the big screen, please correct me and I apologize in advance in the event that I am wrong about anything I have written in this post. I would like to encourage people to dig into this situation using the Freedom of Information Act if that is possible.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the Big 12 refs are so incompetent, they should be fired or receive better training. Or maybe they are incompetent, need better training, and the Big 12 is guilty of a pretty serious RICO crime. We won't know unless we dig. One way or the other, the Big12 owes Simms, WVU, and WVU fans an apology for failing to promote an environment that puts safety first, if they haven't already.

Again, I don't have the whole picture and I'm not a lawyer. If you are a lawyer and/or you know more about this than me, please comment and share with me your thoughts. If you know a thing or two about requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act, please see if it is possible to learn more about what the hell happened. We all deserve to know what really happened because as it stands, it looks like the Big 12 has it's priorities wrong and does not care about the safety of WVU's student-athletes. Whatever is the case, I hope WVU is on it because no amount of money from the conference is worth our players getting hurt.