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Smoking Musket College Pick ‘Em Gauntlet: Week Ten Results and TCU Predictions

Join in on the fun picking the winners each week. Overall winner at the end of the year will win a Nike shirt.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas Bethany Hocker-USA TODAY Sports

The Smoking Musket Pick ‘Em Gauntlet is an online college pick ‘em game where we will try to pick the winners of the weekly Big 12 contests plus Yahoo! editors’ selected games (usually the games involving the top 25 teams). We do pick against the spread (when available). There are usually 20-30 games to pick each week and each correct pick is worth one point. The winner (excluding Musket staff) will be the person at the end of the regular season who has the most correct picks/points. Points are cumulative, so don’t worry if you happen to miss a week or two. We will award the winner a WVU Nike T-shirt at the conclusion of the games in December.

All participants are subject to the Official Rules as determined by SB Nation.

We actually filled the first group, so we had to open a second league to fit everyone in. The second league will serve solely as an extension of the first league, and is not a standalone league. If you are in the second league, you are still competing with those in the first league.

Our game, as in the past, will be hosted by Yahoo! Fantasy. GAME LINK

Group Name: The Smoking Musket II

Group ID: 10859

Group password: letsgo

We have 26 games to pick this week, starting TONIGHT AT 10:15 PM EST. Deadline for each pick is 5 minutes before kickoff.

Here are the leaders after week 10. Congratulations to CBO and Okeys pics for winning week 10 with 19 correct picks each (all you win for this is kudos). Also, kudos to Cellyson84 for holding onto that No. 1 spot.

Smoking Musket Pick’Em Gauntlet Week Ten Leaderboard

Rank Pick Set Name Total Points Win-Loss
Rank Pick Set Name Total Points Win-Loss
1 Cellyson84 150 150-114
2 JABJR1972 148 148-116
3 Coal Powers America 146 146-118
4 Mountaineer757 146 146-118
5 RHowell21 144 144-120
6 Southern'Eer 144 144-120
7 WVUSWIM 142 142-122
8 relyT 142 142-122
9 CBO 141 141-123
10 Eat Sh!t Pitt 141 141-123
11 WVUDewMan 141 141-123
12 Dan D'Antoni is a chode 139 139-125
13 London 139 139-125
14 Capt1295 138 138-126
15 Don't Bet On It 138 138-126
16 Genghis518 138 138-126
17 pat white is still my hero 138 138-126

And now, the predictions!

Nick Shoemaker

I think this game will start slow, but I expect West Virginia to pull way ahead in the second and third quarters. I also predict that Will Grier will build off of last week’s performance with at least three passing touchdowns, but he and the rest of the Mountaineers will refrain from doing the Horned Frog hand sign, as they cruise to a blowout win.

West Virginia 48 - TCU 14


WVU offense is clicking right now and more importantly has re-established the run game. TCU is hurting, literally and figuratively. As long as the WVU team has the right mindset going into this game, it should be fairly easy. If the wrong mindset, it will be a grinder. I see WVU winning either way.

West Virginia 38 - TCU 17


I think this is a slog, the TCU defense is still pretty good. They got blown out by Oklahoma but outside of that they’ve been in every game. West Virginia pulls away late but this one is going to have us at least wishing for an easier game.

West Virginia 24 - TCU 17

Jordan Pinto

That the wheels have so drastically fallen off of TCU’s is one of the biggest surprises of 2018 for me. I didn’t necessarily expect them to challenge for a conference title, but Gary Patterson’s body of work is such that you always expect TCU to at least be competitive.

What I’ll say about this week: TCU split their last two games against Kansas and Kansas State, breaking even in point differential in the process; we beat those teams by a combined 45 points despite Will throwing 3 goal line interceptions against the former. Barring a disaster I think we’ll be ok.

West Virginia 42 - TCU 23


This could be a trap game, but I think WVU takes care of business.

West Virginia 42 - TCU 13

Matt Kirchner

TCU is in shambles and West Virginia has put the Iowa State disaster behind them and seemingly has their eyes on the prize. This should not be close.

West Virginia 49 - TCU 17

Michael Miller

This one has potential to turn into a Baylor-type blowout. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team completely fall apart after an early loss quite like the Horned Frogs have after losing to Ohio State. Martell Pettaway and Kennedy McKoy keep their recent momentum going, exploding for nearly 300 yards rushing combined, and Will Grier turns in another Heisman worthy performance.

West Virginia 48 - TCU 14

John Radcliff

Run the damn ball! Have success running. Exploit inexperience in the secondary with play action. Claim victory! This is the best possible outcome I can hope for. We’ll know we’ve come full circle if Gary Patterson high fives Will Grier as he runs out of bounds on the TCU sideline.

West Virginia 45 - TCU 13

Robert Hurst

TCU is down and WVU is not. The train keeps rolling, and the eventual clash between OU and WVU edges one week closer.

West Virginia 45 - TCU 9


The Mountaineers need a strong start to put TCU away early. The Horned Frogs average 10.8 points in the first half and WVU averages more than 24. I think that holds true and WVU runs to an early lead, but still manages to not cover the spread and achieve the under for things that can only be described as “TCU-WVU.”

West Virginia 41 - TCU 30