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Week 11 Watch List

Your viewing guide to a dramatic day of watching college football

As November moves on, we are quickly checking off weeks of the 2018 college football season. Luckily, as the season advances, the number of important games and dramatic storylines increase. We have a couple of rivalry games to check out this week, so here’s the Week 11 Watch List.


No. 10 Ohio State @ Michigan State, 12:00, FOX

The Buckeyes (8-1) control their fate in the Big 10 and for the College Football Playoff. The Spartans (6-3) love to play the role of spoiler. Drink each time the camera shows a white guy in shorts in the stands.


Oklahoma State @ No. 7 Oklahoma, 3:30 PM, ABC

Bedlam in the afternoon. This game will likely result in about 800 yards of total offense, and I wouldn’t be surprised if those are all for the Sooners (8-1). Can the Cowboys (5-4) muster any opposition? These teams have combined for 47 rushing TDs this year, so drink for every rushing score.

Virginia Tech @ Pittsburgh, 3:30 PM, ESPN

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why the hell would I watch these teams play? I hate them!” Well, there’s your reason. We hate the Hokies (4-4) and Panthers (5-4) but we can laugh at this game because somehow, this can determine the ACC Coastal’s representative in the championship game. Drink every time you hear any mention of the old Big East, or you just remember that you hate these teams.


No. 17 Texas @ Texas Tech, 7:30 PM, FOX

The Longhorns (6-3) have lost two games in a row by a combined four points and the Red Raiders have suffered (5-4) back-to-back heartbreakers as well. The numbers are split for this game, so it should be a fun rivalry matchup in early November. Take two drinks every time you see anyone flash Horns Down.

No. 2 Clemson @ Boston College, 8:00 PM, ABC

This game will decide the ACC Atlantic division. If the Eagles (7-2) win, they’ll hand the Tigers (9-0) their first conference loss AND hold the tiebreaker over them. Each time the announcers mention the College Football Playoff, take a drink.

After Dark:

California @ Southern Cal, 10:30 PM, ESPN

It’s a very real possibility that the Golden Bears (5-4) could take down the Trojans (5-4) in the LA Coliseum. A staunch defense paired with a steady run game usually bodes well for visiting underdogs. Drink every time you see a fan wearing sunglasses inside the stadium or wearing a tank top.

Luckily, the Mountaineers finish early this weekend, so we can settle in and watch some good matchups the rest of the day. Not too many weekends left to watch college football!