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WEST BY POD VIRGINIA: [This episode title has been censored by Big Cow] feat. Melissa Triebwasser of Frogs O’ War

You wanna listen to a podcast? Let’s go listen to a f***ing podcast.

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Topics covered include:

  • Big Cow conspiracy theories are based on facts
  • West Virginia is finally a full member of the Big 12 after being on the receiving end of said Big Cow conspiracy
  • Don’t light your Will Grier, Hesiman bet slips up just yet
  • Dana Holgorsen has fully evolved
  • Will Grier’s finger got sweet, sweet revenge on Saturday
  • We’ve found momentum in the run game
  • Are there defensive concerns, or was this just one of those stereotypical Big 12 games?
  • Alabama, still wrecking everyone
  • Pitt is firing the death ray at an alarming rate this season
  • Bedlam will be boring- Boston College, Agent of Chaos
  • Our good ideas and bad ideas for this Saturday’s matchup with TCU
  • Melissa from Frogs O’ War joins us to break down a broken TCU football team, and a promising Horned Frogs basketball team
  • Is this the year Gary Patterson looks at other opportunities?
  • Jamie Dixon suffered through what must’ve been a flight from hell for him
  • Texas fans/players/Tom Herman win our Dumb Thing of the Year of the Week

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