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What I Think About West Virginia #HornsDown

The Mountaineers picked up their second ranked, road conference win this season.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas Bethany Hocker-USA TODAY Sports

That Two-Point Conversion

Like Dana Holgorsen, I thought to myself, the second that Texas scored, that if West Virginia scored, you had to go for two. When Will Grier dropped that dime to Jennings, I immediately said “Go for two and end it here”. Tony Gibson admitted that his defense was struggling and he was glad to see Dana go for two and end the game, one way or another.

I fully agreed with the decision and I knew that Herman would call a timeout the minute we set up. When Texas was allowed to call a second timeout, consecutively, I began to doubt myself. As I was talking to a friend during the game, coaches being able to call multiple timeouts needs to be addressed. That is crap.

The fact that Dana and staff refused to change the play call, proves to me that they are now outsmarting other coaches. Texas got the perfect storm: they got to see both our formation and the play. We ran the play and scored on a slant. Herman got to see all of that. What we said to Herman and the nation was “Here’s ole #1, the Terminator. Get a piece of her, you can rename it”

When you are prepared and you trust your players, you don’t flinch when the other team knows. Execution will outperform knowledge 10 out of 10 times. Texas knew the play, had the perfect counter - their best corner and linebacker underneath - and we still beat them.

The Refs

I’m not going to complain about the horns down, because that is just laughable and got enough play throughout the game. Yeah, it was BS. I’m not even going to complain about the massive amount of penalties called in the first quarter.

No, I’m going to complain about a play where we scored a touchdown. Two plays earlier, Spavital went for it all and sent David Sills deep. Texas covered it well and because of it, Sills exited the field. This allowed Texas to substitute a defensive lineman and in doing so, eat up precious seconds on the play clock. Pettaway ran for a first down on the ensuing play and as West Virginia set up for the game-tying touchdown, Texas substituted again. The ref sat on the ball, allowing the clock to tick away nearly 20 seconds while Grier screamed confused.

Texas can substitute in that situation, but they aren’t supposed to be allowed to get set. West Virginia can go fast in that situation if they want - that is the whole premise of the hurry up offense - and being forced to wait twenty seconds while precious seconds tick away is ridiculous. The same clock mismanagement happened when West Virginia made a first down. The clock is supposed to be stopped until the ball is spotted but many times the clock was started before the ref spotted the ball.


How big of a job did Kelby Wickline do when he had to come in and replace Yodny Cajuste? Will Grier was not sacked once in this game and the run game produced 232 yards on 33 carries. When the Mountaineers needed to put up a first down, they lined up and ran the ball. The line was physical, they put a hat on a hat and pushed and created holes. They protected their quarterback and allowed him to survey the field and make plays when he needed and they did it all without their best offensive lineman. Flat out amazing play by an underrated group.

Pettaway and McKoy

Wow. Just wow. Kennedy McKoy ran hard and physical. He proved his worth as a three-down back. McKoy lines up wide a receiver, provides consistent pass protection and is a threat as an outlet receiver. McKoy turned several passes into long gains and ran between the tackles that kept the chains moving. Seeing the junior have one of his best games against Texas was huge.

Martell Pettaway has given the offense a different element. Pettaway is a one-cut runner who is decisive and allows the team to run a lot of zone plays. Pettaway is a tough runner who has the ability to shake off defenders and the speed to gain chunk yardage. The two runners were consistent in their runs and this allowed the offense to operate to the fullest potential.

Dana Holgorsen

Y’all can talk about the size of the man’s cajones all you want. Whatever floats your boat. Me, I’m more impressed with a) the fact that he knew what he wanted and had no qualms about doing it in the face of adversity. He was calm. He was having fun.

The second is the way he responded in the post game, not only calling out the whole Horns Down controversy but displaying his knowledge of West Virginia and sticking up for the state.

Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt

I could seriously listen to Gus Johnson call anything. Golf. Soccer. Curling. The man makes everything exciting. I mean....this might be my new ringtone.

Joel Klatt has prove over the last three years that he is the best on-air “color” guy in the business. He doesn’t hold back, he doesn’t pull punches and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He tells you when the refs are bad. He tells you when the college football playoff committee is wrong. He calls a spade a spade and he is knowledgeable. He goes on talk shows spitting facts and fire. Klatt has been in the Mountaineers corner for years and every time he calls a game you get someone who knows what he is talking about and isn’t required to prop up the SEC/Alabama.