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West Virginia falls to No. 16 in latest College Football Playoff rankings

Despite having the possibility of jumping Texas in the final College Football Playoff rankings, the Mountaineers won’t be able to steal the Sugar Bowl slot away from the Longhorns.

West Virginia v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The latest College Football Playoff rankings are out and curiously the West Virginia Mountaineers fall from #13 to #16. The Texas Longhorns, the #2 seed in the Big 12 Championship, are two spots ahead of the Mountaineers at #14. The Longhorns opponent in the Championship Game, the Oklahoma Sooners, rise one spot to #5.

West Virginia fans should be rooting for Oklahoma to absolutely demolish the Longhorns and for Alabama to strangle the Georgia Bulldogs, who rose to #4. If Alabama takes Georgia to the woodshed and Oklahoma shows off its historic, explosive offense, the Sooners could easily find themselves in the Playoffs.

While a Longhorns loss wouldn’t allow the Mountaineers to jump them and take the Big 12 spot in the Sugar Bowl - because why would anything the Big 12 does make any sense - it would allow West Virginia to take the league’s top non-NY6 bowl slot in the Alamo Bowl.