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WEST BY POD VIRGINIA: There Will Be Pod feat. Ben Kercheval of

We’ve got a podcast this week!

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Topics covered include:

  • The worst weekend for West Virginia athletics in years
  • Men and women’s soccer both lost their NCAA tournament matches in excruciating fashion.
  • WVU men’s basketball may be Actually Bad
  • We break down the ridiculous collapse on Saturday in Stillwater
  • Decompressing after the game really helps get through it
  • The Spav issue reared its ugly head again
  • Tony Gibson wasn’t much better
  • The Boone County Cabal is real
  • We’ve seen the team respond to a certified ass kicking at Iowa State, but what about a last minute collapse?
  • Our good idea/bad idea for the Mountaineers when they take on the Sooners on Black Friday
  • Ben Kercheval, Rasheed Wallace’s biological son, joins us for a look at the Big 12 coaching carousel and WVU/OU.
  • Les Miles at Kansas wasn’t the best move
  • Bill Snyder’s status at Kansas State
  • Future West Virginia offensive coordinator dumped gasoline on his seat in Lubbock
  • Will Grier’s chances at being invited to New York
  • Why Oklahoma’s defense has been so bad
  • What West Virginia can do against the Sooners if they evict them from the rent free condo in their heads
  • Ben’s prediction
  • Bachelor Nation talk
  • Grocery Joe is the hero we all deserve
  • Jordan, Actually Good
  • Colton Underwood, virgin?
  • The Podcast Curse is real. Or it may be a Patrick Southern curse.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

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