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West Virginia Ranked Despite Gutshot Defeat

The Mountaineers fall in the polls but not that far

West Virginia v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

The game was there for the taking for the Mountaineers but the Oklahoma State Cowboys were able to find a way to score a touchdown and keep the last second pass from Will Grier out of the hands of a receiver. As a result, the Mountaineers lost for the second time in 2018 and the AP Voters and the Coaches notice.

They noticed a team that had four turnovers. They noticed a team that scored 41 points and they noticed that they played a team that has now beaten two Top-10 teams in Stillwater. Stillwater is a tough place to play.

Will Grier still threw for 300+ yards. He still made ridiculous throws. The Cowboys somehow, got hot at the right time and West Virginia had no answer.

Both the AP and Coaches put the Mountaineers at #12. The Oklahoma Sooners remain at #6. The two teams will meet this Friday for a shot at the Big 12 title game. The Texas Longhorns, who beat Iowa State this Saturday will take on the Les Miles-less Kansas Jayhawks. The winner of the showdown on Black Friday will take on Texas, unless somehow, Kansas sends David Beatty out a winner.

We’re still at top 12 team.