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Staring Down the Musket at the Oklahoma State Cowboys

Micah Allen from CRFF joins us to break down crazy Gundy, West Virginia, and the Pokes. How does she think Saturday will play out?

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I want to start with something outside the game, so what the hell is up with Mike Gundy? Between the constant flirting with other jobs, the surly as hell pressers, and the dumb as hell snowflake comments, he’s certainly on a bit of a run. Is this just the product of an underwhelming season or are some Pokes fans getting tired of his act?

I’ve said this on Bring on the Cats’ podcast. I think with this being a crappy season, he’s trying to put the focus on him and off of the team. This is a pattern with him in down years. He’s really weird with the media when the teams not playing well. Look at “I’m a man I’m 40.” That was also a down year. Gundy just does this sometimes. The moon must be in retrograde or something.

How do you expect the team to bounce back from an emotional, tough Bedlam loss? Any fear of a letdown?

I think this team comes out ready to fight. That lost had to have left a bit of a bad taste in their mouths. They also gotta have some confidence knowing what the line on the game was and what the final score ended up being. However I think this WVU team is better than them and that only will help so much.

What makes the backfield combination of Justice Hill and Chuba Hubbard so dangerous and will Hill be 100% on Saturday?

Yes I believe so. I think everything last week was precautionary. What makes that combo so dangerous is the speed of Hubbard combined with the playmaking ability of Hill. They’re both those players that if they have even a hint of a hole, they’re gone.

How does OSU’s defense stack up against Will Grier and the West Virginia offense?

Not good. That’s all I’m going to say. Kyler put an ungodly amount of yards on us and I have to think Grier will be able to do the same.

Finally, what’s your prediction?

45-28 WVU.