...that Iowa State game.

There's just something very weird about that Iowa State game that we got crushed in.

1st and 10, draw

2nd and 10, draw

3rd and 10, "Grier's looking downfield, but there's just no one open!"-- sack!

4th and 18, punt

Certain prominent players in that game looked to me like they had been up all night long. The play calling was bizarre from the start and repetitive.

I don't know what it is, I keep getting this creeping feeling like either Iowa State was completely overlooked by both coaches and players, or that this game was thrown. It doesn't make any sense to me at all. This game is the only reason at this point that we're not in the CFP discussion as a legit candidate, and it was just such a silly loss that we made Iowa State look like they were coached by Nick Saban. I don't buy the whole "any team can lose to any team on any given day"... it's not luck, there are always reasons... it starts with the play calling and the linemen, and if your QB looks like he's angry at something and doesn't have his heart in the game it certainly doesn't help. Just breakdown at every single level.