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Staring Down The Musket At The Kansas Jayhawks

We’re playing Kansas in a game of American college football tomorrow at noon, and we managed to find a Jayhawks fan that’s willing to talk about it.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at West Virginia Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Mitts of the Rock Chalk Talk joins us this week to break down this football game between West Virginia and Kansas.

Has there been actual improvement from the Kansas football team this year or were the two early wins fool’s gold by playing teams that are even worse?

The answer is both. This team had been so bad that pretty much anything is improvement, but both Central Michigan and Rutgers are abysmal.

But in terms of tangible area of improvement, the only place I can honestly say is better is the RB position with Pooka Williams. His speed is something this team hasn’t had, and it gives them new possibilities. However it isn’t enough by itself to overcome the other issues of this team.

Pooka Williams has been a revelation for the Jayhawks this season, what makes the true freshman running back so special?

It isn’t just his speed, but his good decision making and cutting ability in the open field.

Is there anyone on defense that West Virginia should be concerned with in regards to slowing down Will Grier and company?

Overall, this Kansas defense has been solid, but they’ve been burned on deep passes. Joe Dineen, Daniel Wise, Keith Loneker, Bryce Torneden and Mike Lee are the biggest playmakers, but it isn’t going to matter how well they play if Grier drops the ball over the top to the WVU receivers all day long.

I’ve been on the Willie Fritz train for Kansas for years. Who, in your opinion, are some realistic choices to take the job going into 2019?

I would be ok with Fritz, but with a brand new athletic director, it’s hard to say what is really realistic. We have a weekly article record to tracking a list of 25+ “candidates”, so feel free to check that out. But my personal choices are Jeff Monken (Army), Seth Litrell (North Texas), and Neal Brown (Troy) in that order.

Who’s finishing second in basketball this year?

Does it really matter?

Seriously though, I think Kansas State is getting a huge bump off of one good game in the tournament last year. Despite the fact that they return roughly 50 players from last year’s team, I don’t think they have enough to stay in the top 3. I’m going to say the race comes down to the two newest member of the conference, and TCU surprises some people by edging out WVU.