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Three Guarantees for West Virginia Against Kansas

Let’s jump into the outright things that will happen for WVU in this game

West Virginia v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

There Will Be No Let Down In The Second Half

No matter the reason, playcalling, execution, lack of focus, or lack of scheme against a mobile backup quarterback, the team came out and laid and egg in the second half against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Had it not been for cornerback Keith Washington, that game could have turned out differently. It didn’t but the team got the wakeup call they needed. You may be good but you aren’t good enough to take your foot off the gas and win games. The teams in this conference can score and hold you down if you aren’t focused.

I expect the coaching staff to drill into the player’s heads last week’s letdown and make sure it doesn’t happen two weeks in a row. You will see Grier come out hot and then expect him to stay hot. He will take the lessons from last week to heart and make sure the offense is clicking on all cylinders throughout the game.

Grier Will Have a Big Game And ESPN Will Ignore It

The college football world took notice when Will Grier threw for over 400 yards against Jeremy Pruitt and the Tennessee Volunteers in week one. At the time, everyone was wondering about Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts. Since week one, Grier has thrown for at least 332 yards and 3 touchdowns in every game. This game, he will match or exceed his week one stats where he threw for career best 429 yards and five touchdowns.

Everyone is going to say this is Kansas and for some you are right but here is a secret: Kansas leads the nation in turnovers right now and they’ve only allowed one team to break 300 yards passing - the Oklahoma State Cowboys. For Grier to have such a big game is actually an accomplishment, but no one is going to pay attention, even though they should.

Pooka Williams Will Break One Big Run

Kansas has another running back who is talented. Stop me if this story sounds like deja vu. Last year it was Khalil Herbert, who gashed the Mountaineers for nearly 300 yards in Lawrence. This year, freshman sensation Pooka Williams, is the man the Mountaineers will need to worry about. Williams, who did not play in the first game of the season due to eligibility issues, has had at least a 40-yard run in each of the subsequent games. Don’t be surprised if the Mountaineers, who are generally pretty good at stopping explosive plays (24th in Rushing Marginal Explosiveness) but can allow a decent amount of positive yards in the run game (105th in Marginal Efficiency) get busted for one big gain this game.