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WEST BY POD VIRGINIA: Deep In The Heart Of Texas

We don’t have a guest again this week, but that doesn’t mean we phoned it in again.

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Topics covered include:

  • We’re the fastest growing West Virginia podcast on the whole wide Internet, and we thank you for listening to our dumb show
  • How Baylor was the perfect “get right game” at the perfect time and could’ve been one of the most important West Virginia games ever
  • Tony Gibson and Jack Allison won the week
  • Our good idea/bad idea for West Virginia vs. Texas this Saturday in Austin
  • The mythos of Texas is overblown
  • We need the offensive line to get it together
  • TCU remains broken as fuck
  • Mike Gundy would end Tom Herman
  • Northwestern/Washington State is God’s Rose Bowl
  • If you want your coach to turn your program around, have us put him on the hot seat
  • Pitt controls their own ACC Coastal destiny
  • We’ve made friends in Pitt Twitter and the City of Pittsburgh needs the Panthers to win these games
  • We’ll essentially know who will be playing in the SEC Championship Game after this weekend.
  • Texas Tech plz
  • RIP Hue Jackson. Dead of incompetent coaching.

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