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Jay Bilas: “Other Teams Should Be Afraid of West Virginia”

Appearing on the Scott Van Pelt Show, Bilas told the nation to be afraid of the Mountaineers

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

College basketball analyst Jay Bilas appeared with Scott Van Pelt last night to talk college hoops. Scott originally asked about the blue bloods of the sports, Kentucky and Kansas, with Jay correctly pointing out just how young both teams are. Then Jay dropped this nugget.

I tell you a team I would be scared of right now and that’s West Virginia. West Virginia’s older, they’ve got senior guards and their best guard is Jevon Carter. He’s as good as just about anybody out there, maybe the best defensive guard in the country. They are reeking havoc on people with their ability to guard. Kansas has to go in there Monday night and if you get out of there with your life, that would be a good result.

The Mountaineers certainly are a scary team right now as they’ve reached #2 in the AP Poll, their highest ranking since December 1959. This Saturday the Mountaineers travel to Lubbock, Texas to take on the Red Raiders in a Top Ten showdown before the aforementioned tussle with Kansas.