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Fan Pic Friday: Photos From West Virginia-Virginia Tech

Check out all of the great photos we received from fans

Check out all of the amazing photos we received from fans! I received a large number of photos from people tailgating and sitting in different areas for the West Virginia - Virginia Tech matchup. Remember that you can send photos to me a few different ways:

Every week, we will feature photos from fans. All you have to do is send them to us. You can tag us in your photo on Instagram (@smokingmusket), email them to me at

or you can DM me on Twitter (@NiteStare).

Hit me up and let me know what you think about the game, send me pictures of you and yours doing all the things: pre-gaming, during the game, post-gaming. Send me a message on Twitter and interact. I know I met several of you during our walk to the stadium. If we did, let us know on here or on Facebook.

Let’s Go!