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West Virginia Thread Alert: Gold Rushing East Carolina

Maryland v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Date: September 9, 2017

Opponent: East Carolina Pirates

Threads: Blue Helmets - Yellow Jersey - Yellow Pants

Record in Uniform: 2-0

Ahh, the annual gold rush game. First instituted by former head coach Rich Rodriguez in 2007, West Virginia has played a “Gold Rush” game for the past 11 years. Wow. The first game occured in 2007. Inspired by Penn State’s “White Out” tradition along with the “Black Out” Louisville used in 2006 against West Virginia, the Gold Rush became the Mountaineers signature stadium visual.

From a stadium perspective, the sight of Mountaineer Field covered in a sea of Old Gold is a beautiful sight.

For this game, the Mountaineers will wear their traditional blue helmets along with yellow jerseys and yellow pants. This will mark the third time they have worn this uniform combination with the new jerseys but for Gold Rush games, this has been the go-to.

The Mountaineers wore this combination in 2007 versus Louisville, 2009 vs Colorado, 2010 vs South Florida and 2011 vs LSU. They also wore this combination against Kansas in 2014 and Maryland in 2015.