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Several Top 25 Teams Lost and It Could Help West Virginia

As long as #TeamChaos reigns on Saturdays, there will always be a stunning win or loss.

NCAA Football: Delaware State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

#3 Clemson, 47, #14 Louisville 21

The ACC Atlantic collision pitted the reigning Heisman winner, Lamar Jackson, against the reigning national champions, Clemson Tigers. The Tigers scored early and often and jumped out to a 33-7 lead through 3 quarters. Jackson was harassed all night, which helped limit his impact on the game.

Does it affect WVU: Possibly. Louisville entered the game as only a 3-point underdog. They were expected to lose but not be outmanned, especially after last year’s thrilling game. Don’t expect Louisville to fall out of the Top 25, but they will be closer to the bottom.

Mississippi State 37, #12 LSU 7

The LSU Tigers looked like they had no idea how to defend play action. Mississippi State quarterback Nick Fitzgerald helped confuse the Tiger defense by running for scores and then later in the game, faking a run and throwing over top the defense, completely confusing the Tigers. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Ed Orgeron looks confused as a head coach.

Does it help WVU: Actually no. The LSU Tigers won’t fall out of the rankings, no matter how bad the loss was, and Mississippi State will likely get enough votes to jump into the Top 25.

Vanderbilt 14, #18 Kansas State 7

Jesse Ertz, who entered the night leading the Big 12 in passing efficiency, struggled on the road against the Vanderbilt Commodores. Ertz completed only 10 of 28 passes for 76 yards (!!!) and 2 interceptions. The typically sound Bill Snyder team also committed 7 penalties and had several defensive miscues.

Does it help WVU: Absolutely. First, Kansas State does not look like the third-best team in the conference. If Vandy can do this to Ertz, West Virginia should be able to hold up against him. Second, while Vandy gained a couple of votes in last week’s Top 25, I dont see them jumping into the rankings. K-State however, should fall out as this was a bad loss.

San Diego State 20, #19 Stanford 17

Hoo boy! Watch the highlights and see as a Stanford player eyes up a SDSU fullback and goes for the highlight hit and doesn’t wrap up. Guess what happens? He bounces off and the fullback falls in for the game-winning score. Technique matters kids. SDSU isn’t a push-over by any means but this is a game Stanford should have won, considering they were 9-point favorites on the road.

Does it help WVU: It should but it will be tough. SDSU was beginning to receive a few votes and the win over the ranked Cardinals could be enough to push them into #25. The Aztecs are a solid program and could ride this momentum for a long time.

#24 Florida 26, #23 Tennessee 20

Tennessee, WYD baby?

With the game tied and time winding down, Florida had one shot. With 9 seconds left, Florida maybe can get a short gain to try for a Hail Mary that is a little bit closer or go for broke. Either way, Florida can only win by getting 50-plus yards and Tennessee elects to play COVER-2. Not prevent, not 11 safeties deep. No, just Tampa-freaking-2. So Florida throws a post-pattern for the win.

Does it help WVU: It absolutely should. Tennessee, the higher ranked team, lost. They better fall out of the rankings. Florida still has a high school offense, producing under 400 yards of offense and in my opinion, should not be ranked either.

Memphis 48, #25 UCLA 45

This game was inter-freaking-taining! You’ve heard of #Pac12AfterDark well this was #Pac12BeforeDark. Memphis, one of my choices for Big 12 expansion, showed they were ready for this game by matching up with Josh Rosen and the UCLA Bruins. The teams traded touchdown for touchdown all day. Memphis got the coaches dream when they scored a late touchdown at the end of the first half, received the second half kickoff and turned that into a touchdown. UCLA went from up 4 with 80 seconds remaining in the half to down 10, four minutes into the third quarter. It turned out to be the difference as Memphis traded scores with UCLA the rest of the way.

Does it help WVU: Hell yes it does. Memphis should gain some votes for this win, but they weren’t receiving many votes to start the week and I don’t see them jumping into the Top 25. UCLA however will absolutely fall out of the rankings.