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CBS Sports Ranks West Virginia 31st

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Not sure I agree with this CBS....

Marshall v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

CBS Sports released its power rankings yesterday and has the Mountaineers ranked at #31 to start the season. West Virginia slides into the poll between Northwestern at 30 and Arkansas at 32.

The top of the power rankings nearly mirror that of the Coaches Poll that came out last week. Alabama is #1, followed by Ohio State at #2, Florida State at #3, USC at #4 and Penn State at #5. Clemson, Washington, Oklahoma, Auburn and Oklahoma State round out the top 10.

Georgia, who finished 8-5 last year and did not finish in the top 25, comes in at #15. Kansas State, who finished 9-4 and outside of the top 25, comes in at #20. Neither of those selections is outrageous, though I’m not sure I would have given them the benefit of the doubt just yet.

Where these writers lose me is their love fest for Texas. Texas, who finished 5-7 last year, starts the year at #21 in the CBS poll. Now, I don’t normally cry wolf on power rankings but

As for the Mountaineers, 31 feels low to me. A national writer, who doesn’t follow the team or read the Smoking Musket might not know that we have so many players who aren’t returning “starters” but have plenty of experience. A national writer only knows Will Grier and Justin Crawford but probably doesn’t know that Yodny Cajuste is a damn good lineman if he’s healthy or that Ka’Raun White broke his leg last year but is the younger brother of #GAM Kevin White. That’s ok, they will after Week 1.