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Shelton Gibson Makes A Highlight Play In Eagles Training Camp

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Shelton showed a little bit of what we knew he could do, and all it took was an under thrown ball to make it happen.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Training Camp Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Shelton Gibson did a thing! Perfect timing - something Shelton didn’t always experience during his time at West Virginia - as we begin our wide receiver previews here at the Musket, making us remember why he was so much fun.

On a ball that was under thrown, something he did have experience with, Gibson plucked the ball away from the cornerback before stretching and extending for a touchdown.

Gibson has struggled since he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles with the 22nd pick in the 5th round. Mountaineer head coach Dana Holgorsen described Shelton as the best player tracking the ball over his shoulder but when its thrown right to him, he struggled. The same struggles have carried over to the NFL as Gibson has dropped a fair number of balls during his short time with the Eagles.

Hopefully today’s highlight will help Shelton turn a corner and become more consistent. If he can stick with the Eagles this year, he has a chance to make splash plays like this more often.