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Could College Gameday Come Back to Morgantown?

With a Top-25 squad, the chances of seeing the crew in Morgantown increase, but will they show up?

Lee Corso let the cat out of the bag and announced that ESPN’s College Gameday will be visiting Alabama-Florida State in Atlanta, Georgia. As soon as the leak was announced, people began speculating the rest of the college football season and just where the Gameday crew could show up.

Yesterday, the USA Today Coaches Poll was released and West Virginia was sitting pretty at number 20. Top 25 teams are going to get an extra look as ESPN puts together its schedule. Now fans are left to wonder, could we see Davis, Corso and Herbstreit in Morgantown, WV again?

Jim Weber over at as put together his list of predicted locations and he has settled on the Week 12 matchup between Texas and West Virginia.

Week 12: Texas at West Virginia

Other options: UCLA at USC, Michigan at Wisconsin

The number of “GameDay” options will be limited because this is “Cupcake Week” in the SEC as they gear up for rivalry games. Texas at West Virginia should be a matchup between two Top 25 teams and there’s nothing like a trip to West Virginny. Mountaineers head coach Dana Holgorsen should be pounding energy drinks from the crack of dawn in a game that could decide who plays in the Big 12 Championship Game and end in couches ablaze across Morgantown.

If Texas is as bad as I think they will be in Herman’s first year, I don’t see Gameday coming to Morgantown. That said I would not shed a tear if the crew showed up for that game as I think that is a game we could win. Weber also mentions the Week 9 showdown with Oklahoma State as a possibility.

Week 9: Penn State at Ohio State

Other options: Oklahoma State at West Virginia, UCLA at Washington, Georgia vs. Florida

“GameDay” doesn’t like visiting the same location twice in one season but this rematch of last year’s classic in Happy Valley is too good to pass up. Both teams will begin the 2017 season ranked in the Top 10 and they’ll likely collide in Columbus with the Big Ten East Division championship and a College Football Playoff bid on the line.

If I were to guess, this appears to be our best chance. The Mountaineers have the opening day clash with Virginia Tech and then the Week 6 game against TCU. If the Mountaineers are able to win both of those games, they could enter Week 9 at 7-0. Oklahoma State has a treacherous road to get to West Virginia, but with Mason Rudolph in shotgun, the Cowboys could be 6-1 or 7-0 as well when they come to Morgantown. A clash between two undefeated teams could be enough to entice ESPN to show up in Morgantown rather than visit the Greatest Cocktail Party or Penn State - Ohio State.


Will ESPN Gameday come to Morgantown this year?

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