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Aug. 31, 1996: WVU 34, Pitt 0

Amos Zereoue caught the attention of the college football world in his first game in a Mountaineer uniform

Stephen Beckwith/The Daily Athenaeum

The 1996 Backyard Brawl is one of the notoriously unrecognized matchups between WVU and Pitt ever played.

John Antonik didn’t even mention it in his book, The Backyard Brawl.

As you saw from the video above, it was almost all Amos.

He took his first carry 69 yards for a touchdown and the Mountaineers never looked back.

Rahsaan Vanterpool caught a TD pass from Chad Johnston early in the second quarter and Jay Taylor followed up with a 20-yard field goal to give WVU a 17-0 halftime lead.

The offensive continued to roll in the second half as they finished with 461 yards of total offense.

The blowout was so significant, it produced the best Daily Athenaeum headline of all-time:

It wasn’t all sunshine and daisies at Pitt Stadium though. WVU did manage to lose Vanterpool later in the game and wouldn’t be extremely effective until the Mountaineers’ game against Purdue three weeks later.

“I told some people last week that nobody would know Amos Zereoue before Saturday. I have a funny feeling you all know him now.”

-Don Nehlen, Aug. 31, 1996

In 1996, Pitt would be shutout in three of its first five games. The 34-0 loss to WVU in Week 1, a 72-0 loss at No. 2 Ohio State in Week 4 and a 45-0 loss at No. 10 Miami in Week 5. The Panthers ended the season 4-7 which included a 53-52 win over Temple.