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The Smoking Musket Can Confirm That Kickers Are People Too

Allow me to fight the fire set by an article that was published earlier this afternoon...

Indianapolis Colts v New York Jets

If there’s one thing I dread having to do, in regards to running this site, it’s having to defend a staff member’s HOT SPORTS TAKES. We’ve actually done a pretty decent job of not running something with Stephen A. Smith/Skip Bayless levels of hot takes, for the most part...until today. As I’m sure you know, we ran an article earlier this afternoon ranking West Virginia football players by their NFL careers and former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee was egregiously left off that list, as was fellow former Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt.

Leaving two NFL Pro Bowlers off a list in favor of Tavon Austin - whose young career isn’t as successful as our former kickers’ careers were - is not a good look, and it’s not a hill I’m going to allow The Smoking Musket, as a whole, to die on. If anything, the list should be looked at as incomplete.

Immediately after the article went live, it caught McAfee’s attention, setting a small dumpster fire in our Twitter mentions.

Allow me to speak to Pat’s fans from Barstool for a minute:

Stoolies, you know how Pres has had to throw a couple of his guys (Spags and Gay Pat, mostly) under the bus for some of the stuff they published over the last couple months? Think of this as a similar situation; minor contributor to the site writes something that causes a trash fire and someone has to step in and fight the fire. Granted, this trash fire is only minor compared to what those guys did, but it still reflects poorly on our site and it’s not a take worth defending.

Should McAfee, Vanderjagt and Todd Sauerbrun all be in the top 10? It’s tough to say, but their names should have at least been included in the article. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’m not in the business of stifling it, but sometimes you have to call a bad take out for what it is and this one is Actually Bad.

Pat, if you’re in DC on Sunday, slide into our DMs for a beer as a peace offering.