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Q&A with former WVU safety KJ Dillon

With The Greenbrier hosting the Houston Texans’ training camp this year, this interview was a no-brainer.

John Lowe/The Daily Athenaeum

So before I get down to the questions and answers, I just wanted to let you guys know that this is just going to be straight forward Q&A. I wrote articles about KJ for both The Herald-Dispatch and The Daily Athenaeum, please check them out.

If you get an opportunity, please go see the Texans at The Greenbrier. It’s a pretty cool experience for any sports fan, plus you can check out the hotel and nearby Lewisburg. I had a lot of fun, I’m sure any of you would too.

What’s it like to be coming back West Virginia as a Texan?

“(It) feels good to be back home. I love the Mountain State. I just love being here. The weather’s cool, so that’s all good with me.”

Coach Holgorsen was here yesterday (July 26). Did he say anything or did you get to see him?

“I talked to Dana yesterday. He was just catching up a little bit, player-to-coach-wise. We didn’t really say too much. He just really wanted to see me out at practice. He just enjoyed seeing each other again. I really enjoyed seeing Gibby (Tony Gibson) again, that’s my man.”

Did you talk to him?

“Gibby? He just told me to stop being soft and get in practice.”

How’s been the recovery from injury?

“This is my first real injury, so it was a little bumpy road. But I’m back on the field now just ready to get back in practice and be with my teammates.”

Has there been anything that Coach Holgorsen or Coach Gibson taught you at WVU that you’ve utilized in the NFL?

“Gibby always just told me to be tough. Just fight through everything. Just stay ahead of the game. So that’s what I pretty much try to do. Just worry about being ahead of the game and look at it in Gibby’s eyes just be a ‘dawg.’”

How do you like Houston?

“I love it. I love it. I love everything about Houston.”

Did playing Big 12 games in Texas prepare you for the weather in Houston?

“Not really because nothing can compare to Houston weather. It’s just ridiculous. So I’m kind of glad to be back here doing camp because it’s cooler here. So yeah, it’s probably like 120 back in Houston right now and I’m just not ready for it yet.”

What was it like getting stuck with that $16,000 restaurant bill back in December?

“My vets take me out to eat every week throughout the season. So it was just like me paying my dues back to them.”

Does this look anything like Dana Holgorsen?



“Not at all. Not at all.”

(laughs harder)