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Oklahoma Sooners Try To Discredit Justin Crawford’s Big Night Against Them In 2016

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The Mountaineer running back tried to create a spark to get the rest of the team going, down 28-0

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, By-Godders, to the Shotgun Throwdown, your one stop shop for the latest WVU news and information, sophomoric humor and daily distractions. Today’s Throwdown is brought to you by Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company’s new witbier, Zona’s Revenge. Keep an eye out for this one at your local establishments.

As we ramp back up and into the season, I realize that I’ve become pretty lackadaisical with the Throwdown. So in an effort to bring the Throwdown back to its former glory, I’m opening the floor up to you, the readers, to let me know what you like and don’t like. If you have any tips, suggestions or requests for content you’d like to see in The Shotgun/Throwdown, feel free to Tweet me or leave a comment below.

For now, enjoy!

I’ll be pretty honest about this: Mike Casazza leaving the Charleston Gazette-Mail may have been an all-time great move. That’s not a knock on the Gazette-Mail, by any means, but the amount of content we’re getting out of Mike now that he’s with 247Sports and CBS is incredible. I could probably fill up this entire section with just stuff he’s written lately, but I’ll start with one that is sure to add some fuel to the Oklahoma hatred and go from there.

Crawford's big night sparks debate | EerSports
West Virginia's Justin Crawford ran for 331 yards against Oklahoma last season. The Sooners blame themselves. The WVU standout doesn't think it was quite that simple.

West Virginia debuts new staff feature for 2017 | EerSports
In the first 124 seasons of football, West Virginia had a grand total of zero analysts. The next will feature three.

Take Two: Most Important Game of 2017 | EerSports
In a new feature, Mike Casazza and Chris Anderson go head-to-head, and pick the key game for the Mountaineers in 2017.

Now that what seems to be a slight obsession with the guys over at EerSports is mostly out of the way (there’s a few more below), it’s time to take a look at what’s being said about the West Virginia Mountaineers around the rest of the Internet.

Football Fan Day Set for Sunday, August 13 | WVU Athletics
Mountaineer fans will be given the opportunity to get autographs from their favorite WVU coaches and players at the WVU football team’s annual Fan Day on Sunday, August 13, at 1 p.m., in the Caperton Indoor Practice Facility.

I plan on being in attendance that day to get the creepy Dana Holgorsen action figure autographed, and to taunt Kyle Bosch with it a little. If you see me, feel free to say hello.

Georgia, specialists remain on WVU's mind | EerSports
Recent developments prove WVU's recruiting remains on track in two important areas.

There’s not a whole lot going on around the Big 12 at the moment. We’ve made it through Media Days without anything too ground breaking. The idea of expansion, surprisingly, isn’t being thrown around yet. Baylor appears to have cleaned their program up a little under new head coach Matt Rhule. It’s a pretty boring off season in the flyover states.

Big 12 commissioner seeks safer environment for student-athletes | EerSports
Amid more off-the-field incidents under the supervision of strength coaches, the head of the NCAA's oversight committee wants reform.

On the other hand, THE SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE IS WILD Y’ALL. If you haven’t heard by now, Hugh Freeze appears to have a propensity for soliciting Tampa hookers. We’re not sure if they were for him or recruits, but Ole Miss is an absolute mess and is considering hiring Derek Dooley. If your program has Dooley on a short list, you’ve got major issues and should probably just take a year or two off.

Would you rather hire Derek Dooley or face 2 years of major NCAA sanctions? | SB Nation
For some reason, the failed UT coach ranks on one list of Ole Miss candidates.

Hugh Freeze’s downfall just continues the Ole Miss cycle | SB Nation
The Rebels are now right where they were about two decades before he took over.

Ranking the SEC West’s 17 strangest coach exits since 2000 | SB Nation
Seriously, almost every time a coach leaves this division, it’s under the strangest circumstances.

Oh, and Uncle Verne hates comin to your city.

Verne Lundquist says he’ll miss your college town, but won’t miss traveling to it | SB Nation
The longtime voice of the SEC talked with SB Nation in Rhode Island.

Wanna get a look at what the football team goes through in off-season workouts?

I’m exhausted just watching these.

So, the trailer for Marvel’s Infinity War leaked over the weekend, and I’m gonna have to go ahead and let my theater know that I’ll just be living there for a couple days when this one comes out. We’re supposed to be getting the official trailer from Marvel soon, now that their hand has been forced, but here’s the best we have for the moment.

If Marvel isn’t your thing and the Infinity War trailer doesn’t do something for you, maybe this will.


Today’s Miss Throwdown is in the headlines for making moves on soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, who already has a girlfriend. I guess you could say there is some Russian meddling going on after all. We’re going to choose to look the other way, and will be following Tanya Mityushina on Instagram anyways.