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Recruiting Roundup: A Four-Star Linebacker Had a Great Time in Morgantown

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Checking in with three targets for WVU

Kansas v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Zakoby McClain - Linebacker - Valdosta, Georgia

Zakoby is a 4-star linebacker out of Valdosta, Georgia who was in town this weekend. Zakoby is a teammate of recently committed cornerback Jayce Rogers. McClain recently released his top ten, which includes a bunch of Southeastern Conference schools including LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss and Tennessee. McClain stands 6’-0”, weighs 205 pounds and is considered a top-250 prospect nationally. “I’m real physical and I will hit anybody that is in my way. When I get between the lines, I play angry, but I’m smart about it.”

Junior Uzebu - Offensive Lineman - Alpharetta, Georgia

Three star offensive lineman Junior Uzebu shared this video on Twitter and it had me rolling. Uzebu runs the gauntlet, a wide receiver drill used in the NFL Combine. In the drill, the receiver must catch a ball, spin 180 degrees, catch another ball, then sprint 52 yards across the football field catching 5 different passes from five different locations. Its a great drill that tests a players ability to visually identify his target, use his hands to snap the ball out of the air and quickly move onto the next item while running at full speed. Uzebu nails this drill and when Kyle Bosch moves onto the next level, we will throw our support behind Uzebu as the next Piesman trophy winner.

Dante Stills - Defensive Lineman - Fairmont, WV

The top target for West Virginia, and the number one player in the state, did what many other commits are doing in the 2018 class; letting other players know just how special WVU is by doing some online recruiting. Stills got in on the Zakoby McClain tweet and asked WVU fans to help out by showing the love. Stills also shared his photos from his time at WVU.