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West Virginia’s Lamonte McDougle had a run in with some Pitt fans and learned what the rest of us already knew

It didn’t take long for the freshman defensive tackle to learn the cold, hard truth that the rest of us Mountaineers already know.


The West Virginia Mountaineers have some down time between the end of their off-season strength and conditioning workouts and the official start of Fall camp, allowing most players the opportunity to take a quick trip back to their hometowns to see their families before the season begins.

Freshman defensive tackle Lamonte McDougle is one of the athletes that jumped at the chance, after having been on campus since the beginning of June. Unfortunately for Lamonte he had to book his flight back to Florida to leave out of Pittsburgh International Airport, where he had a run in with some Pitt fans.

Yes, folks, they do exist and apparently all three of them just hang out at the airport to heckle West Virginia athletes as they try to escape the pits of Hell known as the Steel City.

Lamonte will just miss the opportunity to play the Panthers, as he’ll graduate the season before the Backyard Brawl is renewed in 2022. I guess he’ll just have to break away from whatever NFL team he’ll be playing for to come watch from the sidelines.

It appears I may have actually hit the nail on the head when I said Pitt’s fanbase hangs out at the airport just to heckle West Virginia athletes. Derrek Pitts just had a run in with who I’m assuming is the same group of fans that McDougle saw yesterday.