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Geno Smith Makes Bold Statement for Dana Holgorsen

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Twelve words on Twitter and its shots fired for the nation.

Maryland v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Geno Smith took to Twitter last night and declared that West Virginia University would do something its never done before: win a national championship in football. It is a bold statement to be sure but one that I can get behind. Dana Holgorsen has done such a tremendous job here at WVU, taking a program from 60-ish scholarship to the full limit of 85 while building depth for the program.

Geno’s declaration comes slightly out of the blue but it also comes on the heels of the Mountaineers gaining two more commitments. The first was 2018 cornerback Jayce Rogers, who committed to the Mountaineers thanks to Doug Belk’s connections in Georgia. The second is the commitment of 2019 top specialist Kolton McGee, who joined the Mountaineers while participating in the Showtime Elite camp. Anyone who follows the Mountaineers would be excited about these two players.

Geno Smith is considered one of the best quarterbacks to ever play for the Mountaineers. He holds numerous passing records at West Virginia and in his one season in the Big 12, held up with the best offenses in the country.

I’m with you Geno, Country Roads are going to take us home! Let’s go!!