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WVU signs Randy Mazey to a new five year contract

Tons and tons of incentives...$$$$

John Lowe/The Daily Athenaeum

WVU head baseball coach Randy Mazey has signed a new five-year contract with the university, nullifying the three-year deal he signed back in April.

Mazey’s base salary will remain $250,000 per year as was stipulated in the old contract. He will receive $95,000 of supplemental income in the first year and $110,000 every year after that.

In addition, Mazey will receive a $25,000 retention bonus on August 30 of every year.

This new contract will come with a plethora of incentives that could max out at an additional $375,000.

500 season tickets sold $2,000
750 season tickets sold $3,000
1,000 season tickets sold $4,000
NCAA APR above 930 $4,000
1,500 season tickets sold $5,000
Big 12 tournament appearance $5,000
Big 12 Coach of the Year $25,000
NCAA Tournament appearance $25,000
Top 25 finish in USA Today or AP Polls $25,000
Big 12 regular season title $30,000
Big 12 Tournament title $30,000
NCAA Super Regional appearance $50,000
Top 10 finish in USA Today or AP Polls $50,000
National Coach of the Year $50,000
College World Series appearance $75,000
National Championship $100,000

This new deal comes on the heels of WVU’s first NCAA Tournament appearance since 1996.

Since becoming the head coach of the Mountaineers in 2012, Randy Mazey has led WVU to a 160-127 record.