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Dana Holgorsen Stopped By SportsCenter And Put The Creepy Dana Action Figure On Notice

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We’re not sure what this means for Kyle Bosch’s Piesman Trophy campaign

West Virginia Mountaineer head coach Dana Holgorsen dropped by ESPN SportsCenter this morning as part of ESPN’s “car wash”, an annual event where college football coaches travel to Bristol, CT for the day to appear on a variety of ESPN content, and hit the same talking points we’ve heard all off-season. But before his interview with Randy Scott was over, Holgorsen was greeted by a photo of the creepy Dana Holgorsen action figure, which we now proudly have in our possession. Holgorsen had a good laugh at the figure before declaring that it’s “not a good look.”

If you haven’t been paying attention, the creepy Dana action figure made waves last month with the creator listed it for sale on eBay. We, of course, got in a bidding war for it, and it now resides on the shelf above my desk. That is, at least for this coming season.

The action figure has managed to find its way into a gentlemen’s agreement between West Virginia offensive guard Kyle Bosch and myself. When the figure was discovered on eBay last month, Kyle made it clear that he wanted it. He didn’t win the auction, but fortunately for him he now has a second chance at it. After some back and forth on Twitter, we came to agreement with Bosch that if he wins the 2017 Piesman Trophy he will also receive the Holgorsen action figure. While the official Piesman Trophy watch list won’t be released until sometime next month, we can go ahead and announce that we did nominate Kyle for the award and will proudly lead his Piesman campaign.

It’ll be an uphill battle for an offensive lineman to win the award, but not impossible. Pitt’s Brian O’Neill won the trophy last season after big, dumb Pat Narduzzi drew up an end around to the offensive lineman that ended up with a touchdown. Bosch certainly stands a chance, but he’ll have to find a way to convince Dana Holgorsen and Jake Spavital to draw him a play.

Did the action figure’s appearance on SportsCenter this morning hurt Bosch’s chances of getting that play drawn up? Well, it’s hard to say...