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West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen will have to control his outbursts during the 2017 season or face ejection

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Actually, he can continue the outbursts as long as he stays off the field.

There wasn’t a ton of pertinent information to come out of West Virginia’s time in the spotlight at Big 12 Media Days today; more hype and praise for Will Grier, more reassurance that Dana Holgorsen has full confidence in Jake Spavital calling the plays, and Dana revealing that he doesn’t know exactly how old he is. Holgorsen was probably just being facetious with the last thing there, but there was one new rule change that came from the Big 12 officials that he will not be laughing about.

During head Big 12 official Walt Anderson’s annual rule discussion, he revealed that the conference officials will be making the conduct of coaches on the sideline a “point of emphasis” during the 2017 season. Anderson noted that this is not a new rule, per se, but that the existing rule prohibiting coaches entering the field of play will be more strictly enforced.

Beginning this season, all discussion between coaches and the officials must take place on the sideline. If the coach steps onto the field to argue a call, the flag will be thrown and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will be given. If a coach receives a second unsportsmanlike penalty, they will be ejected for the remainder of the game.

Anderson even had a video package to highlight what the Big 12 officials will be looking for this season, headlined by Holgorsen.