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Las Vegas Odds Don’t Favor West Virginia Football—Or Do They?

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Betting odds have been released and basically mirror the media poll, slotting WVU as sixth-most likely to win the Big 12 title game in Arlington, Texas, this December.

Baylor v West Virginia Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Westgate Las Vegas Super Book released their odds for who will win the Big 12 Championship Game on Saturday, December 2. The odds basically mirror the media poll that was released today. Though WVU has the sixth-best odds, 20/1 isn’t that large of odds, indicating Vegas does expect the Mountaineers to compete this season.

Now, you could look at this and say, “wow, Vegas doesn’t like us,” and you’d be mostly right. Vegas puts us as sixth-likely to win the conference, but that’s not entirely the case. Remember, Vegas is trying to not lose money, which gives makes this a two-fold outlook.

Glass Half-Empty:

Vegas is usually right in their predictions. The oddsmakers there know more than some analysts do and it’s scary. These clearly show that WVU is not a favorite to compete for the Big 12 title or even make it to North Texas on the first Saturday in December.

Glass Half-Full:

The oddsmakers want to make sure they don’t lose, and often times, this means placing more value on name brands (i.e. Texas and OU). WVU isn’t likely to draw a lot of bets anyway, so they can afford to put the Mountaineers at a larger payout. Also, numbers have not been kind to Dana Holgorsen’s WVU teams, so these are just another set of numbers to prove wrong.

Regardless, 20/1 odds aren’t terrible. No, they’re not putting WVU in contention, but they’re leaving some room for the Mountaineers to prove they are a better team than people seem to think.

Are you going to place your money on the Mountaineers this season?