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WVU Men’s Soccer heading to Spain

The Mountaineers will take on three teams from La Liga (Spain’s premier soccer league)

La Rosaleda Stadium, home of La Liga’s Malaga C.F.
Wikimedia Commons

The West Virginia University men’s soccer team will go to Spain this Sunday and remain there until May 17.

While they are there, the Mountaineers will take on three La Liga reserve clubs. Sevilla FC (May 9), Real Betis (May 13), and Malaga C.F. (May 16).

All three of these clubs will remain in La Liga next season and Sevilla FC is currently slated to play in the UEFA Champions League play-off round.

This is a particularly exciting opportunity for the WVU men’s soccer team, but even more so sophomore defender Albert Andres-Llop, who is from Vila-Real, Spain.

All of us here at the Musket will keep you updated as the Mountaineers compete La Liga competition.