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Staring Down the Musket with WVU Commit Mike O’Laughlin

WVU commit Mike O’Laughlin took time to answer some questions for the Musket.

Mike O’Laughlin Twitter

Recently, Fenwick High receiver Mike O’Laughlin announced his commitment to West Virginia University on Twitter. Mike, who stands 6’-5” and weighs over 200 pounds, is rated as a 3-star recruit by 247Sports with a 0.8529 composite ranking. I reached out to Mike and he answered a few questions for us.

SM: “What were some of the things that really drew you to WVU?”

Mike O’Laughlin: “The state itself drew me to West Virginia and the togetherness of the place. Everyone goes to the games and rallies behind the football team. The coaching staff definitely played a role as well. I was very comfortable with them and understood what they had planned for me.”


SM: “Have the coaches informed you of a position that you would play?”

MO: “Coaches plan to play me at H-Back.”


SM:Being from Illinois, the Big Ten is probably a big draw for you. What drew you to the Big 12?”

MO: “The competition in the Big 12 intrigued me to want to play in the conference one day. Playing Texas, TCU and Oklahoma that are big time football schools is something I'm pretty sure every young football player dreams to achieve.”


SM: “I read an article that said you loved the mountains and nature of the state. Are you a big outdoorsman?”

MO: “I wouldn't say big outdoorsman but you could say I like nature for sure. I stare at buildings and roads all day here and it's nice to see a mountain every once in a while.”

Enjoy Mike’s highlights one more time and wish him the best. It won’t be long before he’s racing past defenders and singing “Country Roads” with 60,000 of his closest fans. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions for us Mike and best of luck next year!