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Meet The Most Important Prospect In A Decade

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It has been 10 years since West Virginia produced a 4-star recruit.

Sean Fitz, 247Sports

Dante Stills - Defensive End - Fairmont Senior High School (Fairmont, WV)

If you don’t know who Dante Stills is, you should. I’ve written before how the state of West Virginia does not produce talent. It is an unfortunate situation for the Mountaineers but it is one they have to live with. Only nine states in the nation have not produced a “blue-chip” recruit in the past 5 years. For West Virginia, it has been a decade since the state produced a blue-chip recruit.

That changes this year. Meet Dante, a 6’-4”, 265 man-beast at defensive end. Dante is rated as a 4-star prospect by 247sports, compiling a 0.8935 grade nationally. He is ranked as the #1 prospect in West Virginia, the number 28 defensive end in the nation and the number 316 prospect nationally.

Dante displays all the necessary attributes to be extremely productive in college. The first highlight on his tape is impressive. He stands up the tight end while watching the quarterback. He quickly sheds his blocker and crosses the field, outrunning the near-side defender and recording a safety.

For the Mountaineers, Dante is a special player that they simply must get. For starters, in a talent depleted stated like West Virginia, homegrown studs cannot be allowed to leave. You don’t win games, much less championships by letting guys in your state go elsewhere.

Second, Dante is a legacy player. His brother, Darius Stills, was included in the recruiting cycle last year and his father, Gary Stills, was a great player for the Mountaineers back in the day.

Dante is fielding offers from all over the nation, including national powers like Oklahoma, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Michigan State and Notre Dame. While the crystal ball predictions for 247Sports has Stills fully committed to West Virginia, nothing is guaranteed until signing day. For West Virginia, Dante is an important piece they must land.