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The Smoking Musket Podcast: NCAA Tournament Preview

Let’s talk brackets...and maybe focus on WVU’s region.


Episode Info [124:00]

West Virginia is a 4 seed in the West Region. What does that mean for the Mountaineers?

  • Bart covers WVU sports headlines, including another rifle natty and WVU women’s basketball’s NCAA tournament berth,
  • John and Statsboy join Bart to go down the rabbit hole that is bracketology,
  • The guys look at the overall seeding and discuss why the NCAA tournament committee is kinda dumb,
  • The trio knock around ideas of who to buy and sell in the tournament,
  • Bart, John and Statsboy give their favorites for the NCAA tourney, and finally
  • We make projections for WVU’s life expectancy in March (and maybe April).

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