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Former President Barack Obama picks Bucknell over WVU.

The Obama Foundation released the bracket made by the former leader of the free world on Wednesday afternoon.

George W. Bush And Laura Bush Attend White House Unveiling Of Their Portraits Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

I think it’s fair to say that since January 20th, Barack Obama has a much more wide-open schedule.

Maybe he should study more college basketball with his newly acquired time.

Here is his bracket that The Obama Foundation released on Wednesday afternoon:


If it’s any consolation, President Obama did choose the Mountaineers over Elon in the NCAA Women’s Tournament followed by a loss to Maryland (which, to be fair, very possible).

The WVU men will look to prove the former president wrong on Thursday against Bucknell in Buffalo at around 2:45 PM ET on CBS.

The WVU women will take on Elon in College Park on Friday at around 2:30 PM ET on ESPN2 (West Virginia, North Carolina, western Maryland and western Pennsylvania) or WatchESPN (everywhere else).