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Big XII Basketball Power Rankings: Chaos Edition

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Sports have been canceled, due to the war. However we have some information about supposed sports be played. We can neither confirm nor deny that they have happened, but we’ll allow you to decide for yourself.


  1. Kansas Jayhawks (21-3, 9-2) - The Jayhawks got back on track with a narrow win at the Octagon of DOOOOOM after losing in overtime, at home to the Cyclones. Kansas has issues. But until the other two people with a chance stop walking into walls instead of the wide open door, the Jayhawks stay on top.
  2. West Virginia Mountaineers (18-5, 6-4) - WVU had a golden opportunity on Saturday to greatly improve their chances of dislodging the Jayhawks from their perch (see what I did there) but in very Mountaineeer fashion, busted their ass instead.
  3. Baylor Bears (20-3, 7-3) - The only bright spot for Baylor the last few months has been their basketball teams. We hope the loss to Kansas State at home is a sign that too will enter a black hole (of despair).
  4. Oklahoma State Cowboys (15-8, 4-6)
  5. TCU Horned Frogs (16-7, 6-5)
  6. Iowa State Cyclones (14-9, 6-5)
  7. Kansas State Wildcats (16-8, 5-6)
  8. Texas Tech Red Raiders (16-8, 4-7)
  9. Texas Longhorns (10-14, 4-7)
  10. Oklahoma Sooners (8-14, 2-8)


LOCKS: WVU, Baylor, Kansas



Oklahoma State (15-8, 4-6, RPI 27, SOS 16) The win in Morgantown should just about do it for the Cowboys, but we’ll hold for now in upgrading them.

Kansas State (16-8, 5-6 RPI: 38, SOS: 54) : After winning at Baylor, the Wildcats fell just short of punching their ticket with a narrow three point loss to Kansas at home. The difference between Ok Lite and the Wildcats, if you’re wondering, is the Cowboys stronger statistical based numbers and strong play of late.

Iowa State (14-9, 6-5 RPI: 42, SOS 29) : The Cyclones took a huge step forward on Saturday by beating Kansas in the Phog — something no other team has done in over fifty plus games. That was huge; but then... but then they lost to Texas. They’re still in pretty good shape, but their margin of error is slimmer than they would like.

TCU (17-7, 6-5 RPI 43, SOS 40): After losing five straight, the Horned Frogs have reeled off three straight wins, including two over fellow bubble teams Kansas State and Texas Tech. Unlike Kansas State, Iowa State and Ok Lite, TCU does not have a win against the top three of the conference. They will get that chance this weekend when the visit Waco.

Texas Tech (16-8, 4-7, RPI 80, SOS 162) Last week, I called Texas Tech the Saturn of the Big XII, That’s still true and normally team with their RPI and SOS won’t make it for at-large bids, but their remaining schedule — which includes home dates against Kansas and Baylor — will give them an opportunity to prove they belong in the field as only one team in their remaining eight games (Texas) isn’t quality.

OUT: Oklahoma, Texas