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The Smoking Musket Podcast: Oklahoma State and Oklahoma Basketball Preview

As the Mountaineers start the second half of the conference season, Bart and John talk about how the Cowboys and Sooners pose very different problems.


Episode Info [60:14:]

This week, Bart and John have one long, uncomfortable discussion about WVU basketball.

Part 1:

  • The guys talk about the uncomfortable ending to the Texas A&M game,
  • Discuss where Iowa State falls in the NCAA tournament field, and
  • How WVU pulled off the win in Ames (Hint: Nate Adrian).

Part 2 [24:08]:

  • Bart and John tell you that OK State is better than when we played them last year (literally, 2016),
  • The duo struggle to talk about OU because WHY DID WE LOSE TO THEM UGH?! and
  • Bart tells you that he loves soccer and shouts-out Stars And Stripes FC.

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