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The Smoking Musket Podcast: TCU and Baylor Basketball Preview

Bart and John preview the Texas Two-Step that awaits the Mountaineers.


Episode Info [64:41]

The Mountaineers picked up two wins in a row against teams from Texas, can they continue the streak as they travel to TCU and Baylor?

Part 1:

  • The guys start off by discussing WVU’s current standing in the Big 12 men’s basketball table, then
  • Bart and John celebrate the Mountaineers winning their first overtime game of the season against Texas Tech,
  • The two tell you what happened during the WVU-Texas game, and
  • Part 1 ends with some talk about NCAA No. 1 seeds.

Part 2 [37:06]:

  • Bart and John talk about which new Big 12 coaches have done the best job and who has the most upside,
  • John doesn’t really want to talk about TCU, and
  • Lastly, Bart and John tell you why you should be confident heading into the game at Baylor.

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