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Two Former Mountaineers Engaged in a Heated Twitter Exchange

Bruce Irvin and Skyler Howard let it all out on Twitter

Buffalo Bills v Oakland Raiders Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

When there is no football, everyone gets crazy. Especially two strong competitors like Bruce Irvin and Skyler Howard. Howard has always played with a chip on his shoulder but last night that escalated into a testosterone-fueled keyboard-banging fight.

Like most Mountaineer fans, Irvin was irate at the entire play of WVU in the Russell Athletic Bowl. Skyler apparently found out about Bruce’s tweets last night and the exchange started.

Skyler responded by noting that Bruce’s success came back in the glory days of the Big East. If you don’t remember, most fans spent their time trying to convince people that the flailing Big East wasn’t the worst conference in the BCS.

Sometimes you are Negan with Lucille, sometimes you are Glenn. This was only stoking the fires that were burning. Irvin responded to the tweet with “lol what’s your point”. Howard took the bait.

Bruce fired one last warning shot before things quickly escalated.

The war began as Howard told Bruce “you opened this box. No respect” . From there, the real heat began to come out. Bruce tried to tell Howard his place by reminding him of each’s stature in the state.

What set Howard off was a set of tweets from Bruce during and after the Russell Athletic Bowl. In those tweets, Bruce, responding to a fan said “lol we playing with a NAIA qb”, referencing Skyler’s play at Riverside City College before joining the Mountaineers. Skyler referenced these tweets to Bruce in his response.

Bruce’s reply to this seemed to be the final dagger in this war.

Skyler began retweeting positive mentions of him after this, looking to end the war. Bruce however had one last parting message for the former Mountaineer quarterback. Bruce expressed his dissatisfaction in the heart of the play of the team. Due to language, I’m just going to link to the tweet and let you click on it at your expense.

That Old Gold and Blue pride runs deep in former players who gave blood, sweat and tears for the team. Some of them, like Bruce Irvin, are very vocal in their support and when you poke the bear, the claws can come out.