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Stedman Bailey Ready To Make An NFL Comeback

Two years after being shot in the head, the former third-round draft pick is ready to get back in the league.

St Louis Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s been just over two years since former West Virginia Mountaineers standout Stedman Bailey was shot in the head in a random act of violence in his hometown of Miami, Florida. Bailey and his cousin were waiting outside of a friends house when a vehicle pulled up beside their SUV and began to spray bullets. Bailey was hit in the hip and twice in the head, shattering his skull. Bailey’s life was in danger, and his NFL career was sure to be over. At least, that’s what everyone told him. Stedman would not settle for that, and two extensive surgeries later the 27-year old is ready to return to the league.

Fox Sports national writer Peter Schrager broke the news that Bailey is ready to make his return to the NFL this morning on Good Morning Football on the NFL Network. Bailey has been cleared by his personal doctor, and has worked out with Tavon Austin and Pittsburgh Steeler’s star Antonio Brown through his recovery process. Bailey will have to be cleared by team doctors before he can be signed, but things are looking up for the former third-round draft pick.

You’ve got all of Mountaineer Nation behind you, Steddy B.