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West Virginia Owns More Land in Oklahoma Than the Sooners

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In the ultimate land grab game, West Virginia now owns the Sooner state.

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Are you familiar with imperialism? The policy of extending power and influence through diplomacy or force. Well in college football, that is applied through the timeless tradition of games.

One redditor in particular has taken this gamemanship to a whole new level. He created a map that dictated which FBS school was closest to the center of each county in a state. Each team then has some amount of land that they are “defending” each week. If you lose, you lose your control of the land and the winner now controls it. You can gain control of land by beating teams that own control of land. The link below has a video of the entire season so you can see the season play out week by week.

For West Virginia, the loss to Virginia Tech was costly as it lost them control of the Mountain State. As the weeks drew on, the Mountaineers found themselves unable to gain land. That was until this past weekend.

Thanks to Iowa State’s win over Oklahoma in Week 6, the Cyclones occupied a portion of the state of Oklahoma. The Cyclones upset over TCU in Week 9 gave them nearly total control of Oklahoma. Now the Mountaineers, thanks in part to their 20-16 win over Iowa St. now own more land in this fantasy imperialism game than the Sooners and Cowboys.

College Imperialism Week 5
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Iowa State upsets TCU, gains near full control of Oklahoma
cfb reddit