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The Smoking Musket Tailgate Menu: RIOT TAILGATE

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It’s our time to shine, folks. Time to shine as the Riot Bowl comes to Morgantown.

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Y’all, it’s Riot Bowl week, which means we have to turn out the best as our friends rivals from Iowa State. They think they know how to tailgate, but we have to show them we are the hosts with the mosts. For this, we’re throwing out a bit of Iowa classics and some great tailgate munchies.

Maid-Rite Sandwich

Think of these like a dry sloppy joe. But they’re cooked in a way that puts so much flavor in them without needing the sauce. These seem to be something Iowans think are the most delectable meal ever. The irony here is that the Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop is in Springfield, Illinois. So, this isn’t quite and Iowa-made thing, but they’ve claimed it as their own.

This is definitely a make-ahead dish, but it won’t take long and is easy to heat up on the grill. Once you get to the tailgate, roast your buns slightly on the grill, plop some of the beef on it and let your guests top it with whatever condiment feels right.


Hot Black Bean & Corn Dip

We all know Iowa produces a lot of corn, so let’s have something with corn. You’ve gone through my exact reasoning for picking this dish. Then, I saw that it has cream cheese and shredded cheese and decided this would be the perfect appetizer for a November football Saturday. Another make-ahead dish, this definitely one you will need to heat up on the grill. But first, make it at home.

Mix up all the ingredients except the cream cheese. I personally would suggest more than a pinch of cayenne pepper. You don’t want this spicy, but a little heat won’t hurt. Once you put the mixed ingredients in the baking dish, cover it with cream cheese. Now, bake it until melted and a little browned. Take it out of the oven, set it to cool and then cover with foil. When you get to the tailgate, Heat it up on a hot grill for about five minutes and serve with tortilla chips.


Fireball Hot Apple Cider

Everyone loves hot apple cider, right? Well this adds the cinnamon right in and will make your forget that you’re drinking Fireball. This can be made at the tailgate or beforehand and kept in a thermos or big Gatorade cooler.


Remember, this rivalry is just as much about the teams’ performances on the field as it is the fans’ performances in the parking lot. Represent WVU well and happy tailgating!