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WATCH West Virginia Erase a 16-point deficit in 8 minutes

NCAA Basketball: Missouri at West Virginia Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to WVURxMan, here are the final 8 minutes of the crazy West Virginia - Missouri final of the AdvoCare Invitational. The video picks up following a West Virginia timeout, with the Mountaineers trailing 68-52 with 7:45 remaining.

Bob Huggins’ squad had chosen to forego their press defensive nature throughout much of the game but following the timeout, went back to began to apply pressure.

When WVU first began to emerge as #PressVirginia, a phenomenon occured for opposing teams. At some point in the game, usually in the second half, a string of turnovers would occur and the Mountaineers would take a close game and stretch their lead quickly in the span of a few minutes. This was known as “Press Event Horizon”.

Missouri experienced Press Event Horizon in a flurry. Carter deflected a pass and made a layup. Then a travel. Then a Daxter Miles steal. Back to back Carter steals. Then a travel and at 3:44 left to play, Missouri had committed 7 turnoves in their last 9 possessions, allowing the Mountaineers to cut the lead from 14 all the way to 5, 73-68.

Press Virginia made a comeback in full force last night as they forced turnovers throughout the second half, converting those turnovers into points.

This is #PressVirginia. If you haven’t seen this before, it can rattle you and that’s where Missouri is right now.

Geist is going to see white jerseys in his sleep tonight. - Fran Fraschilla.